Please read our submission guidelines before sending us any manuscripts.
Ends on November 1, 2016


At this time, we only accept manuscripts from Canadian and American authors (citizens, landed immigrants, expats, etc.) or authors with an Asian ancestry (defined here). No editorial comment will be given unless the submission has the potential for publication with Laksa Media. 

Reading Period: May 1st to October 31st


Our needs involve stimulating and provocative subjects that challenge the current status quo.

We are actively looking for memoirs celebrating food, family and life or with an emphasis on personal struggle and/or triumph against mental illness or other life’s challenges.  We are also looking for narrative non-fiction related to caregiving/caregivers, travel, food, family & relationship, popular culture, multiculturalism, ethnicity, and QUILTBAG. Push the boundary, be different, and try us.

The proposals should span across the different disciplines or subjects to stand against the test of time and bring new inspirational ideas and provocative narratives.

Guidelines for Non-fiction

In order for Laksa Media to consider your non-fiction book for potential publication, please send a proposal that includes:

  • A complete table of contents and a brief capsule of the contents of each chapter;
  • Estimated length of manuscript (estimated number of words and pages)
  • Three sample chapters (excluding the first chapter);
  • A list of competing or comparable titles in the last three to five years and how your book differs from them (i.e. unique features, any new or fresh approach, special features);
  • A description of the target audience and specific applications or uses for your book;
  • Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, your level of expertise on the proposed subject, and the reasons, problems or situations which prompted you to write this book.